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Microsoft PDC2008 Session videos avaliable to view for free

Posted by Elon B. on November 26, 2008

For those of us who were unable to attend the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC 2008), in October, you can access most of the sessions in video form, from here.

The PDC is designed for leading-edge developers and software architects. If you’re interested in the future of the Microsoft platform, you’re responsible for the technical strategy in your organization, or you’re a highly skilled developer who likes to delve deep into the heart of the platform, then the PDC is for you!

Sessions this year included:
NET Framework [16] Ad Platform [2] ADO.NET [3] ASP.NET [10] Azure [39] CCR [1] Dynamics [5] Entity Framework [3] Expression [4] HPC [1] Identity [8] IIS [2] Internet Explorer [3] Languages [10] LINQ [4] Live Framework [10] Live Mesh [10] Live Services [14] Office [2] Oslo [5] Parallelism [9] PowerShell [1] Research [4] SharePoint [5] Silverlight [11] SQL Server [16] SQL Server Data Services [8] Surface [1] Sync Framework [3] TFS [3] Unified Communications [3] Velocity [2] Virtual Earth [1] Visual Studio [19] VSTS [7] WCF [6] WF [8] Windows 7 [24] Windows Embedded [1] Windows Home Server [2] Windows Server [12] WMI [1] WPF [9] XNA [1]

Access PDC2008 videos by clicking on the desired session title in the session browser and selecting the “play” icon located in the session details.  Please note that the session recordings open up in a Channel 9 window.  Scroll down to resources to download the session PPT deck.



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100+ Free Learning Tool Applications

Posted by Elon B. on October 11, 2008

Well, today I thought I would look at updating my website.   Over the years I found there are always great tools avaliable via the web, for any application, that are FREE to use.

Whilst searching for a free web devlopment program, as an alternative to MS FrontPage, I came across this great list , with over 100+ Free-to-use Apps, for every learning need or issue. Check them out here.

I settled on Nvu, as the Web designer tool I was going to use initially, and found some create web tutorials to get me started here.

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