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Hitachi’s Consulting True Stories – The Schumacher Group

Posted by Elon B. on October 27, 2008

I currently work for Hitachi Counsulting in the UK and would like to share this True story as a representation of some of the work we do for companies, with Business intelligence (BI) Projects.

This is a 4 ½ minute video featuring our client, The Schumacher Group. During this video the CEO and CIO of Schumacher talk about their business — providing physicians and services for hospital ER’s around the country, its challenges and how Hitachi Consulting helped them overcome barriers to their growth. 

The BI team at Hitachi Consulting worked diligently with the departments of the Schumacher Group to quickly create a BI solution that profoundly changed the way the organisation deployed and accessed its ever increasing mountain of data. To read more about this see this press release.

This is a great video. See it here.


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