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Useful Windows Short Cuts

Posted by Elon B. on May 13, 2012

Ctrl-Shift-Esc.        Brings up Task Manager


Alt+Enter               View properties for the selected item

Alt+Esc                   Cycle through items in the order that they had been opened

Alt+F4                    Close the active item or quit the active program

Alt+ Spacebar       Open the shortcut menu for the active window

Alt+Tab                 Switch between the open items

Shift+Delete           Delete the selected item permanently  without placing the item in the recycle bin

Shift+F10  (Same as RightClick)         Display the shortcut menu for the selected item

Windows key                        Displays the start menu

Windows key + D                 Minimizes all windows and display Desktop

Windows key + D                 (again) Opens all windows up again

Windows key + E                  Opens a new Explorer window

Windows key + F                  Displays the Find all files box

Windows key + L                  Locks your computer

Windows key + R                 Displays the Run command box

Windows key + F1               Displays the Windows Help menu

Windows key + Pause         Displays the System Properties dialogue box

Windows key + Tab             Cycles through the buttons on the task bar

Windows key + M                        Minimize all (just like Win+D)
Shift + Windows Key +M         Undo Minimize all


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