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Need to Know – Business Heat map.

Posted by Elon B. on December 1, 2008

I found this great business overview page at the Times Online, giving a quick summary of useful business related news. 

“The Need To Know heatmap is generated from Times Business content, published Monday to Saturday.
The “heat” applied to each entry is generated by reader interest – the more people that click on an item, the hotter it gets. A relative weighting is applied to the heatmap to highlight the importance of content within each category. Where companies are referenced, follow the links to view related articles or company data.”

Check it out here


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How safe is your bank ???

Posted by Elon B. on November 23, 2008

Which [UK] banks are a safe haven, which are sitting on shaky foundations, and which are on the verge of collapse?

As the worldwide banking industry buckles under the pressure of the credit crunch this site offers a rolling guide to the safety of savings institutions in the UK and tells you how to measure your bank’s strength.

After the Iceland banks debacle, it makes sense to be aware of your banks financial strength. I’m not any kind of financial advisor, I just think a little insight into how the banking institutions are managing my money is better than no insight at all. 

Check out your banks strength from here. If your worried about your savings and how to save safely visit here.

For other financial advice visit http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/

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