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Solved: Lovefilm Title Unavailable 6031 Silverlight Exception Error ( with Dual \ Secondary Monitor !!! )

Posted by Elon B. on February 23, 2014

Until recently, I had been using my Lovefilm Instant Subscription without any problems on my dual monitor setup. I mention that because it’s pertinent to the solution I had overcoming the Title Unavailable error I started to receive.

Lovefilm Title Unavailable 6031 error

Lovefilm Title Unavailable 6031 error

Strangely, I could connect and launch movies on other machines I had at home e.g. laptops, iPads etc., so it couldn’t have been anything causing a restriction via my internet connection, as all machines were using the same router.

Anyway, suddenly I could not watch any Lovefilm movies without getting the 6031 error. I could watch trailers but not movies.  Does this sound like you?

So, I scoured the internet and followed the instructions other users had blogged about, neatly summarised here. Namely,

(i)                  Trying different browsers; IE, Chrome, Firefox etc. all launched as Administrator

(ii)                Deleting and re-installing Silverlight and MS PlayReady (x86) & (x64). Reverting to earlier versions of Silverlight.

(iii)               Cleaning my PC using CCleaner and Privazer type tools.

(iv)              Creating a new user account and trying to run Lovefilm Instant

(v)                Removing recently installed programs etc

All to no avail! I even took out a Netflix subscription in frustration. That worked perfectly. No errors. So my frustration grew.

I was considering cancelling my Lovefilm Instant subscription, but being an Amazon Prime member and finding out Lovefilm Instant becoming part of the package, only spurred me on to find a solution.

So, having exhausted the options above, a little lateral thinking was needed.


I decided to run a VM on my machine and launched a copy of Windows XP I had, using Microsoft Virtual PC. Within that environment window on my PC, Lovefilm played the movies with no problems, but from my host Windows 7 environment I still received the 6031 error.

So I had found a workaround, but hated the thought of having to launch a VM every time I wanted to watch a movie. As a side note, I don’t think it would have mattered what OS I used as the VM, as I determined what was causing my root problem, which I will describe now.

I continued to scour the internet, bear in mind I had spent 2 weeks trying to solve this, when I came across this article.

Well, I have a dual monitor setup at home, and had just recently updated one of my monitors, connected directly via DVI cable to my desktop. My other monitor was connected directly to my desktop via a HDMI cable. Lovefilm worked fine in this setup.

I recently updated my DVI monitor, to a new one which only had HDMI connections. So to utilise my existing DVI cable, I bought a DVI to HDMI cable adapter to connect up my new monitor. I didn’t realise at the time, but this is when my troubles began.

So, if you are still receiving the 6031 error and have a dual \ secondary monitor setup, try just turning off one of your monitors and running Lovefilm from just one monitor. This “worked” for me. Not a perfect solution, but at least I had determined it was not a software problem with my machine.

Googling, led me to this article, which kind of led me to believe the issue is with HCDP compliance with my setup. Anyway, I am in currently waiting to receive a direct DVI to HDMI cable, which I hope will resolve my current issue satisfactorily, such that I do not have to follow my own workarounds.

I will update this article with the result, otherwise I hope this has been helpful to you.

UPDATE: 7 March 2014 – The direct DVI to HDMI cable did not resolve the issue. I still have to turn off a monitor to view Lovefilm movies.


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