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Governance Resource Center for SharePoint Server 2007

Posted by Elon B. on October 30, 2008

This page from Microsoft contains tools and resources to help business decision makers and IT professionals govern their SharePoint Products and Technologies environment.

Governance is the set of roles, responsibilities, and processes that you put in place in an enterprise to guide the development and use of a solution based on SharePoint. By using the governance techniques and best practices available from this page, an enterprise can align its policies for using SharePoint with its culture and goals while still enabling teams and individuals to effectively collaborate and share information.

 You can link to it here


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Want to get to know SharePoint Quickly

Posted by Elon B. on October 28, 2008

The slow way to learn is to read loads of books, blogs, tech sites etc, but this can take a while, plus how much actually sinks in. I’m a visual person, so show me a demo and I’ll get it a lot quicker than reading the manual. A picture speaks a thousand words and all that…

So, with that in mind I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of links to SharePoint Videos that quickly explain or demonstrate various aspects of SharePoint Functionality.

 Introduction to SharePoint

· An overview of SharePoint Products and Technologies. Why would you want to use it… 8m 14sec

· Moss 2007 Install – Part 1 of 2 12m 7sec

· Moss 2007 Setup – Part 2 of 2 19m 20sec

SharePoint Planning

· Planning and Deploying SharePoint Server 2007 (Level 200) – Webcast or Audio (90 mins)

· Information Gathering Worksheets For Site Planning (1m)

· Get your SharePoint Planning Right (57m)

· SharePoint Governance

SharePoint Fundamentals & Architecture

· MOSS Products and technologies (50m)

· Creating a SharePoint Site

· Adding users to a site

· Introducing Document Management

· Alerts

· Subscribing to a List or Library RSS Feed

Central Administration

· Exploring Central Administration (10m 24s)

Shared Services

· Keeping Control of Your SharePoint Sites with IT Governance (90mins)

Web Part Fundamentals

· Adding WebParts to a site (5m15s)


· Target Web Parts to an Audience

· Publish WebParts to the Web Part Gallery


Site, List and Library Customisations

· Creating Lists in Sites

· Adding Columns and data to a custom list

· Copying Lists between sites

· Understanding Master Pages


SharePoint Designer

· A selection of Videos can be found here



Enterprise Content Management

· Introducing Meeting Workspaces



Business Process Management

· Building a Disposition Approval Workflow

· Exploring Built-in MOSS Workflow

· Streamlining Processes

· Sharepoint Workflow – How to Videos

Ø Enabling (incoming/outgoing) email for SharePoint/MOSS 2007 servers (Click here to see it)

Ø Extracting document details from within a workflow (Click here to see it)

Ø Extracting email addresses and sending emails (Click here to see it)

Ø Programmatically Creating a User Task within a workflow (Click here to see it)

Ø Programmatically Escalating an Overdue Task with Visual Studio (Click here to see it)

Ø Building an Approval Workflow with SharePoint/MOSS 2007 and VS 2008 (Click here to see it)

Ø Building a Multilevel Approval Workflow with SharePoint/MOSS 2007 and VS2008 (Click here to see it)

Ø Using Active Directory Search/Lookups within SharePoint Workflow’s to find users (Click here to see it)


Business Intelligence Solutions

· Make better decisions


Enterprise Search

· Introducing Search Center

· Search for information on a site


A good site for SharePoint videos for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Users can be found here.

Microsoft provides some good webcasts and podcasts here and here.


There are many SharePoint Videos around, and you can use the following Search engines to find them – Yahoo, Google, BlipTV, YouTube , Dailymotion or MSN Video (enter “SharePoint”).

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