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What’s keeping your computer from going to sleep

Posted by Elon B. on July 8, 2012

You can run the following command from the Command Prompt (Start > Programs > Accessories, right-click on Command Prompt, and open it as an administrator)  Then type

powercfg -requests

This works on most Windows OS.

You can check out the command options here on technet

Try it an see what’s keeping your PC from going to sleep.


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Analyse Hard Drive Activity in Windows 7

Posted by Elon B. on May 30, 2012

Does your hard drive seem to be working flat out for no reason. Here’s how to find out What’s running ?

1. Press Ctrl/Shift/Esc to open Task Manager,
2. Click the “Performance” tab.
3. Click the “Resource Monitor…” button
4. In Resource Montior, click the “Disk” tab.
5. In the “Processes with Disk Activity” pane, click the “Total (B/sec)” column to sort by total disk activity.

…the process with the highest B/sec is probably the culprit.

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