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Create your own Simpsons Avatar

Posted by Elon B. on November 18, 2008

Just for fun, why don’t you have a go and create your own avatar that you can add to your documents, emails etc.

The Simpsons Movie Website lets you create your own likeness as a Simpsons character. Could this be me…

My Simpsons Avatar

My Simpsons Avatar

OK. I think I better go and work on my six pack.

Update: 27 Sep 2013

The Official Simpsons Movie Avatar Maker has been discontinued by Fox; the whole site. There are however several other Simpsons Avatar Creators that are good enough. A few of them are:


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150 Simple and Clear Hint & Tips for Windows XP & Vista

Posted by Elon B. on October 13, 2008

I’ve been a subscriber to the magazine ComputerActive for quite a few years and appreciate its “simple clear advice in plain english” approach on general computer topics.

In Issue 278, Computeractive has pulled together 150 hints and tips to help you get more out of Windows XP and Vista.

This handy booklet is useful for all levels of skill and will enable you to customise Windows to suit your needs. You will also discover how to make Windows faster and improve its performance.

You can download the booklet from here.

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