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SQL Crib Sheet

Posted by Elon B. on May 3, 2010

What’s the syntax for that Select, Insert, Delete, Update … statement?  Yep, sometimes we forget the basics when writing T-SQL Code. Here are some useful links to SQL Crib Sheet type pages to help you jog your memory.

1: Brian Cryer’s SQL Crib Sheet

2: Free Ebook (at time of writing) :  SQL Server Crib-Sheet Compendium alternatively from here

3: SQL Tutorials  – Try herehere or here, plus here or others from Google

4: Intro to SQL (4.71)

5: Interactive SQL tutorial

6: Free Ebooks – e.g. Teach yourself SQL can be found here

Other useful tools include:

SQL Formatter: Use sqlparser.com to convert any SQL into a readable and colorful style

One Response to “SQL Crib Sheet”

  1. suddip said

    Regarding SQL reference as other sites referred here check http://www.w3resource.com/sql/tutorials.php
    Best SQL tutorials, thousands of queries.


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